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Haere Mai/Welcome to
The Red Earth Creative Studio

The Red Earth Studio is the home to all things creative. From art workshops and classes to events and art tours. The studio is also a place to find out about interactive projects and mixed reality experiences based in your communities. The studio is run by designer, film maker and creative educator Jay Pressnell. Jay has much experience in teaching visual art and design at both high school and tertiary both in New Zealand and the UK. He has a Masters in Design, Bachelor of Arts in Illustration and Design, a Post Graduate Certificate in Arts Education, and has 20 years plus experience as a freelancer in illustration, design, interactive technology and film.


Alongside art education and creative workshops, The Red Earth Studio creates Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Experiences as part of The Tiaki Project, with a focus on archiving local histories and community narratives. The archival process and interactive experiences also focus on people, community spaces and places of historical importance, providing opportunities to share and experience our important heritage.

Providing unique creative education and interactive experiences, centred around community and history, are the mantra of The Red Earth Studio. We look forward to sharing all of this with you. 

Thanks. Jay Pressnell.

The Red Earth Studio,

Jay Pressnell's artwork and creative website can be found by visiting PressnellCreative - Profile

All commissions/requests and sales of artwork can be made via the website or contacting:

Jay Pressnell at:

The Red Earth Studio

Creative Courses
Short Courses
Full Courses


A wide selection of art classes, from experimental mark making workshops and classes that focus on the more formal elements of art, to lectures and creative thinking exercises, all set up to extend your practical knowledge and experiences across a huge range of artistic disciplines and subject matter.


The creative workshops and classes will take place in a fully functional art makers studio space, set within landscaped gardens in the heart of Onewhero, New Zealand. There will be short courses (evening) and longer sustained 6 week courses during the day to provide enough opportunity to suite your level of passion, interests and time. All courses are presented and facilitated by arts educator and creative designer Jay Pressnell.

Each session/course will have structure based around established practice, practical skills development and responding to concepts and material. A huge variety and combination of media will be introduced, ie from charcoal, paints and inks, to Virtual Reality and digital drawing and photography. Classes will be open for mixed ability groups/individuals.





10.30am to 2.30pm (4HRS)

$75 (inc GST) for day.

6 week course block (6 sessions)

$420 for 6 weeks or $75 per session).

Limited to 8 places available


Inclusive of materials/refreshments.

see day session course content, dates and costs





6.30pm to 8.30pm (2 hr sessions)

$45 (incl GST) per session

Limited to 8 places available


Inclusive of materials/refreshments

see evening session course content, dates and costs

Please visit the courses/workshop pages for more detailed breakdown of content and course structure, as well taking you to the dates and bookings.

For more information or questions, please contact us at:

The Red Earth Studio at




Mixed Reality Experiences


All things Interactive technology, archiving and digital reality experiences can be requested and commissioned through the Red Earth Studio. From specific site specific Virtual Reality Experiences within your own community space through the 'Make Your Mark VR Experiences', to digitally archiving your old heritage building or ancestral home as a 3D model through our 'VR Heritage Archive Experiences'.

Linked to the overriding theme of the Tiaki Project (see below for details), these mixed reality experiences will enable the user to navigate through a space that may no longer exist in the real world.


The Tiaki Project, brought to you by the Red Earth Studio Ltd, can build 3D digital models of heritage buildings, places of significance nationally or to a community, and preserve them digitally forever for future generations to learn from and gain greater understanding of NZ heritage. These models can be interactive and offer users to move through the spaces in virtual reality or via their own devices, and specific digital models can be created of  a community space/town square so that users can paint/design and create within immersive experiences (The Make Your Mark VR Experience being one of the them). 

For further details about booking a 'Make Your Mark VR Experience' in your community space or building, or would like your historical home or space digitally archived forever as part of the VR Heritage Project, please contact us at:

The Red Earth Studio at











The Tiaki Project

tiaki project t shirt design.png
Street Mock Up copy.jpg

The Tiaki Project was established by Jay Pressnell in 2022 as part of a commitment to focus on the development of interactive media and technology to archive local histories, narratives and places within communities. 

The project aims to undertake and facilitate the opportunities for people to engage with their local histories, oral stories and places, using interactive technology such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Wayfinding experiences within the community.

As part of his Masters Study in Design at Auckland University of Technology, Jay has developed a research based project (The Tiaki Project) which focuses on establishing these 'shared' community experiences, as a way of navigating through a space and learning about the rich narratives that lay at the heart of a community. 

Members of a community will be able to interact (through interactive maps) with artefacts placed throughout their space and use augmented reality to hear historical origin stories, see where old buildings used to exist and also have the potential to share their own stories about the places in which they live.

Images on the left show initial prototypes of overlayed images of people/buildings around the community of Pukekohe and wider Franklin, Auckland, New Zealand. 

A Tiaki Project App (to be launched later this year) will provide the platform for learning, sharing, interacting with and navigating through a community, with the focus on the development of local history knowledge and the provision for archiving and preservation for future generations. 

As an educator in NZ for nearly 2 decades, Jay is excited about the opportunities for learning that the Tiaki Project can provide for students and schools within a community. The NZ Histories curriculum (via The Ministry of Education) has been developed and now being implemented in schools throughout NZ, offering the chance for people young and old to understand and connect with the histories from their own communities. 

The Tiaki Project is committed to the preservation and archival opportunities, via Interactive technologies, for a community to enhance its identity through knowledge of its people, ancestors and sense of place.

The Tiaki Project APP (to be released).

To find out more please contact:

The Red Earth Studio at

THE TIAKI APP copy.jpg

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